If You’re FReakin’ 
With That 9 to 5 Life, The Consultant Code Is How to Get 

fired up 

A no-fluff, totally all-in strategy for launching a freelance business in 60 days or less.

With proven systems, strategies, and support, The Consultant Code shows you how to leave your last bad boss behind (bye, bye, corporate B.S.) and ditch that cubicle forever so that you can finally experience the flexibility and freedom you’ve always dreamed about… 

It’s time to create a life you can’t wait to wake up to 

about your future again.

every morning

fired up 

fed up 

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I’m Lookin’ At You, If You’re Feelin’ This Kinda Way

You want to feel fulfilled but you’re just not getting what you need because…

     You’re stuck, frustrated, and underappreciated. You don’t even want to be promoted at your corporate job anymore. 

     You’re scared of getting laid off. Whether it’s COVID or regular old cutbacks… you’re pretty sure work just isn’t going to work out.

     Work just doesn’t light you up, ya know? It’s not satisfying. You’re itching for a change, and it’s time for action!

     You’ve got specialized skills that translate well to full-time consulting or a side hustle. 

I’ve got great news! You’re in the right place. I know… because I’ve been there, too!

The Consultant Code Coach 

Holly Knoll

“Holly helped me untie my brain knots while starting my second business. She’s a 1-2 punch of accountability and mindset coaching - pushing me through my own mental blocks to get focus and clarity, and never losing sight of just doing the d*mn work!” 

- Nicole Roccaforte, Small Business Consulting

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4 implementable modules encompassing business strategy and mindset that you can do on your schedule that will help you become your own best boss

8 weeks of support via bi-weekly coaching calls and a program-long FB group so that you can have ALL the help and encouragement you need on the journey

The makings of a solid side hustle *safety net* at exactly the right time. The digital economy is thriving and there’s never been a better time to be a freelancer

The confidence to take your clarified and actualized business idea and release your fully fleshed out, amazing offer to dream clients

The empowered, badass mindset you always wished you had

Plus These Incredible Bonuses To Exponentially Grow Your Client Pool

During This Special, Limited Time Period, You’ll Get All This In 60 Days Or Less:

This LinkedIn profile makeover is a masterclass in how to make an impression and attract clients through the most professional social media platform out there. This exclusive offer is normally only available as a one-on-one, but I’m including it as a gift for my Consultant Code students. There’s a cheat sheet! (GET IT, girl.)

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LinkedIn Makeover

Consulting is partly about who you know but it’s also about how far you can extend your network. These 5 innovative tips will get you thinking outside the box and outside your social bubble to reach new people and engage with potential clients that are perfect for you! 

($199 VALUE)

5 Creative Ways to Find Clients without Exhausting Your Network

LinkedIn Makeover
($599 Value) 

5 Creative Ways to Find Clients ($199 value)

Free Bonuses

What The AMAZING Alumni Have to Say

“Holly helped me set attainable goals and taught me an effective technique for prioritizing work, which I use every day! Everything I was wishing to happen for my business has come to fruition in some way or another. Thanks, coach!” 

Inke, Principal / Lead Graphic, Visual & UI Designer of InkeDesign

“When I came to The Consultant Code, I already had the structure of my small business in place but my overall purpose was fragmented. Holly provided modules that helped me concentrate on what matters most and kept me accountable. I’m positive that without the Consultant Code, I would still be functioning in a scattered manner. Now, I have a clear picture of what I need to do in order to grow my business.”

Barb, Founder of A Thoughtful Pinch

“Working with Holly not only changed my business but changed the way I think about my business. The Consultant Code gave me the confidence I had been striving for. In a short amount of time, I was able to realign my business goals and set standards in place that will change my day to day operations for a long time to come.”

Jaime, Owner of Jaime Foley Interior Design

“The value of working with Holly is that you get a fantastic framework she has developed. It is one thing to read a book and implement the ideas in a book, but the power of working with Holly is that she has helped me work through roadblocks I didn't even know were there. A book can't do that. Holly is a creative partner.”

James, Creative & Performance Coach

“With proper guidance from The Consultant Code, I was able to successfully start my own consulting business after thinking about it for many years. I would definitely recommend working with Holly.”

Chandran, Independent Freelance Consultant

Create systems for your business and celebrate your new freedom and success. 

Module 4 - Launch Your Freedom!

Define your dream client and articulate your offer, setting clear boundaries for what you do (and what you don’t). 

Discover your unshakeable why.

Module 3 - Build Your Freelancing Foundation

Learn how to shift your mindset from employee to BOSS.

Module 2 - Visualize Your New Reality

Module 1 - To Never Looking Back

What you get

(The Juicy Details)...

I know you’re busy, so this program is designed with you in mind. You get to set your own schedule and do it at your own pace. (Just like you will when you’re running your biz!) 

The program comes with 8 weeks of support and accountability via bi-weekly coaching calls on Zoom. You'll have access to The Consultant Code interactive FB group where you can ask all your questions and get the cheerleading and advice you need from me and your fellow "Coders" in the program!

Here’s a closer look at what’s in the modules...

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure yet?
Let’s see if I can help you out...

I don’t think I can afford this right now.

Let me ask you this… can you afford NOT to do this? What’s the cost of staying where you are right now? Can you emotionally afford to stay another year at a job you hate? Can you financially afford to get laid off from your corporate job without a backup plan?

There are two payment options for this program… consider paying in two installments as an investment in a future with more financial potential. 

I’m just not ready yet… I need to get my ducks in a row first.

Tough love: you’re never going to be totally ready for anything in life. But how do you create the life you want? You make it happen. You act. This program is done at your own pace. There are no deadlines. The question is… are you ready to show up for yourself?

I’m really busy at work… How much time will this course actually take to do?

You can go at whatever speed you want. It takes the time it takes. There are four modules. You have 8 weeks of support. You’re the boss! I’m just here to help you get where you want to go faster… so how fast do you want that life you’ve been dreaming of???

I’m not sure I want to freelance full time yet, could The Consultant Code also work for side hustles?

Absolutely! Using The Consultant Code to launch a side hustle is the perfect way to test the waters to see if consulting is right for you long-term. 

Real talk, future CEO. If you were happy where you were at, you would have never read this far down the page. #facts 

So what do you want? Do you want to keep working a job that sucks the life out of you or start something that could give you the flexibility and means to…

Work whenever you want

Take more vacations with your travel besties (when the world is safe for travel)

Spend quality time with those you love

Do what you love

Feel excited about your life and work again

If that sounds good, then hop off that fence, because you are so ready for this. And I’ve got your back. 

So Do You Want That Vision Board Life Or What?

"Holly is a dedicated coach with an easy manner about her. I recommend Holly's coaching if you want to get further, faster."
- Brooke McCarthy